The Unlovable Spouse… or ‘How to hug a porcupine’


I know it may sound strange, but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and hug the porcupine. Let me explain…

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  • Robert

    I have found over the years that love is the result of acts of service over time. It’s not just a feeling that comes from nowhere that can dwindle over time for no reason, it’s not infatuation where I derive my self-worth from someone else’s opinion of me, nor is it a simple choice to “love someone.”

    Sacrifice and service create love whether it’s with my kids, spouse, neighbors or coworkers. When I run into someone I don’t love, the problem is within me. The responsibility is therefore mine to serve them in some way to fix my own problem of not loving them. If they’re abusive, that’s where I get to love and protect myself (my first responsibility) and leave them to protect myself, but that’s a different situation.

    I see “hugging the porcupine” as taking an action of service towards someone and therefore it creates love. People don’t fall out of love, they just choose to stop serving each other over time and that causes the feelings of love to diminish. So my choice to be selfish kills love in the end. That’s my 2¢.

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  • B Graves

    What if “the porcupine” just wants to hide in it’s burrow (read: Man Cave) and be left alone? :)