How Can I Better Love My Family?: Know Your Method

love my family

How can I better love my wife and children? That’s a question every dad must know the answer to. In my book, All Pro Dad, a man must know the Method to love and lead his family well. It’s one of the seven essentials a father must know to be a hero to his kids. How do I love my family at all times?

Husbands can be prickly, irritable porcupines sometimes. Wives can too. It’s easy to love your spouse when they are sweet, kind, and lovable. But you need a methodology to love them when they’re porcupines.

You also need a method to love your sometimes porcupine kids. Building memorable monuments with your children will help you to love them well.

In this video, Tony Dungy and I talk about how to love our wife and kids well.

Key Points Recap:

  • It’s easy to love your wife and kids when they are kind and lovable, but how do you love them when they’re not, when they’re unlovable? We must hug the porcupine.
  • What does my relationship with my wife have to do with fatherhood? Everything! The most important thing you can do for your kids is to love your wife well, even when she’s a porcupine. In this chapter of the All Pro Dad book, I give some truths to help men to do that.
  • I also give dads specific methods to show their love to their kids—how to build what I call “memorable monuments” in their kids’ lives.


Here are the rest of the All Pro Dad Book Chapter Summaries. How can you better love your family? Share in the comments below.

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