Have You Ever Thanked Your Father?

My dad’s 80th birthday was coming up soon.  I wanted to give him a special gift.  I wanted to thank him and honor him.  Then it hit me.  I’d put together a video of him and our family through the decades since his birth in 1930.

As I waded through hundreds of pictures to include in the video, I relived a lot of memories.  I chuckled at some and shed some tears about others. I thought about the joy we all experienced together and about the pain we went through, together.  It was a moving experience that I’ll never forget.

Then, on April 29, 2010, we had a family surprise party where I showed the video.  Once again, we laughed and cried together.  It was beautiful!  Here is the video.  Even if you can’t watch all 12 minutes, maybe take time to watch a couple minutes.  Maybe it will spark an idea of what you can do to thank and honor your father.

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