Getting Your Kids Interested In Reading

Looking for ideas on getting your kids interested in reading? Then make it a family activity. Here are 5 ideas from The National Book Foundation:

1. Incorporate books into standard family games. For example, play charades with book titles.

2. Have family outings to the library and allow every family member check out one book.

3. Start a family reading night in your family where you can read and discuss a book together.

4. Kids love performing plays and drama skits for the family — why not incorporate that into their book reading? Have them read a book, choose their favorite scene, and then recreate it for the family.

5.  Simply read to your children. You will both benefit from the time spent together. And your children will benefit from stretching their imagination and learning new things. 

While you’re at it, check out some great recommendations to get you started. Here is our Recommended Reading List.

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