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The Family First Podcast is the podcast dedicated to providing truth-filled marriage and parenting advice that helps you love your family and others well.   Our desire is that the podcast allows us to connect with you all on a deeper level, with richer content and gives us the ability to answer your questions with encouraging answers.

We plan on posting a new episode 3-4 times a month and you will be able to listen right here on my blog as well as Susan’s blog. Each episode post will have a player where you can stream the episode in your browser.  If you would like to listen on your mobile device, please subscribe on iTunes and download their podcasts app, it will download right to your device for free.  This will make it much easier for you as each new episode will automatically download so you don’t have to load it from your computer.

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Podcast Archive
Num Title Released
Face It, Find It, Figure it Out (Podcast) 08/16/2016
What It Is and What It Isn’t (Podcast) 05/24/2016
96 Restoring Your Marriage Against the Odds (Podcast) 12/15/2015
95 My Pledge: Be a Better Elf This Christmas (Podcast) 12/08/2015
94 How to be Resilient in Your Marriage (Podcast) 12/01/2015
93 How to Break Your Child’s Sense of Entitlement (Podcast) 11/24/2015
92 3 Ways to Practice Patience in Your Marriage (Podcast) 11/17/2015
91 Needs of Women Vs Needs of Men (Podcast) 11/10/2015
90 How You and Your Kids Can Serve Others (Podcast) 11/03/2015
89 3 Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry with Dr. Les Parrott (Podcast) 10/27/2015
88 How to Lead through Conflict in Marriage with Michael Hyatt 10/20/2015
87 How to Form Authentic Relationships with Producer Jon Erwin 10/13/2015
86 Why Spouses Don’t Listen and What You Can Do About It (Podcast) 10/06/2015
85 8 Challenges Every Marriage Will Face (Podcast) 09/29/2015
84 4 Seasons of Marriage with Dennis Rainey (Podcast – Part 2) 09/22/2015
83 4 Seasons of Marriage with Dennis Rainey (Podcast – Part 1) 09/15/2015
82 A Life of Purpose with Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback Kurt Warner (Podcast) 09/08/2015
81 Your Sacred Yes: Sometimes the Wisest Yes is a No (Podcast) 09/01/2015
80 How to Fight Your Most Important Battles with Tony Dungy (Podcast) 08/27/2015
79 3 Tools for Building a Stronger Family with Jon Gordon (Podcast) 08/18/2015
78 What Every Husband and Wife Must Agree On (Podcast) 08/11/2015
77 Putting Your Family First with Michael W. Smith (Podcast) 08/04/2015
76 Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters with Meg Meeker (Podcast – Part 2) 07/28/2015
75 Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters with Meg Meeker (Podcast – Part 1) 07/21/2015
74 4 Common Mistakes Husbands and Wives Make in Marriage (Podcast) 07/14/2015
73 3 Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs 06/16/2015
72 How to Agreeably Disagree with Your Spouse (Podcast) 06/09/2015
71 You Might Be a Family Guy if…with Jeff Foxworthy (Podcast) 06/02/2015
69 Every Man’s Battle with Steve Arterburn (Podcast) 05/19/2015
68 What to Remember Before You Call It Quits in Marriage (Podcast) 05/12/2015
67 How to Lead Your Family Well with New Orleans Saints Tight End Benjamin Watson (Podcast) 05/05/2015
66 The Truth about Pornography (Podcast) 04/28/2015
65 How to Identify Your Real Marriage Issues (Podcast) 04/21/2015
64 Persevering through the Perils of Marriage and Parenting with Comedian Tim Hawkins (Podcast) 04/14/2015
63 The Father Factor with Kenny Luck (Podcast) 04/07/2015
62 RESPECT (Podcast) 03/31/2015
61 4 Virtues to Teach Your Kids (Podcast) 03/24/2015
60 12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid (Podcast) 03/17/2015
59 How to Fight Conflict in Your Marriage (Podcast) 03/10/2015
58 8 Lies Your Teen Believes (Podcast) 03/03/2015
57 5 Ways Parents Frustrate Their Teens (Podcast) 02/24/2015
56 Lessons Kids Need to Learn with David Staal (Podcast) 02/17/2015
55 3 Ways to Foster Friendships Between Your Kids (Podcast) 02/10/2015
54 Marriage Killers and How to Slay Them (Podcast) 02/03/2015
53 How to Stop, Drop and Roll in Your Marriage (Podcast) 01/27/2015
52 4 Marriage Speed Bumps (Podcast) 01/20/2015
51 5 Parenting Speed Bumps (Podcast) 01/13/2015
50 Uncommon Marriage Adventure with Tony Dungy (Podcast) 01/06/2015
49 How to Make Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands (Podcast) 12/30/2014
48 5 Ways to Be Your Daughter’s Hero (Podcast) 12/23/2014
47 7 Ways to Equip Your Son for Manhood (Podcast) 12/16/2014
46 7 Ways to Be a Hero to Your Husband (Podcast) 12/09/2014
45 How to Motivate Your Child (Podcast) 12/02/2014
44 Our Crazy Adoption Story, Part 2 (Podcast) 11/25/2014
43 What to Do When You’re Not in the Mood (Podcast) 11/18/2014
42 Fighting for Your Family – a Veteran’s Perspective (Podcast) 11/11/2014
40 How to Invest in Your Adult Child’s Friendships (Podcast) 10/28/2014
39 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Want to Change (Podcast) 10/21/2014
38 Our Crazy Adoption Story (Podcast) 10/14/2014
36 Loving Your Child Through Teenage Rebellion (Podcast) 09/30/2014
35 Are Your Kids Running You Ragged? (Podcast) 09/23/2014
34 Marriage Wisdom from an Unlikely Source with Kyle Idleman (Podcast) 09/16/2014
33 The Good News About Marriage with Shaunti Feldhahn (Podcast) 09/09/2014
32 Attitude: Is it Killing Your Marriage? (Podcast) 09/02/2014
31 What’s More Important Than Your Child’s Education? (Podcast) 08/26/2014
30 Are You Encouraging Your Spouse to Cheat? (Podcast) 08/19/2014
29 Life Lessons with Danny Wuerffel (Podcast) 08/12/2014
28 Living a Life of Significance with JB Brown (Podcast) 08/05/2014
27 6 Ways to Know You’re Being a Good Parent (Podcast) 07/29/2014
26 How to Find Lifelong Love with Gary Thomas (Podcast) 07/22/2014
25 Family Leadership with Barry Banther (Podcast) 07/15/2014
24 Mark Richt Interview on Parenting (Podcast) 07/07/2014
23 7 Solid Strategies for Investing in Your Children (Podcast) 07/01/2014
22 How to Turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings with Sheridan Voysey (Podcast) 06/24/2014
21 Secrets of a Happy Marriage with Fawn Weaver Part 2 (Podcast) 06/19/2014
20 Secrets of a Happy Marriage with Fawn Weaver Part I (Podcast) 06/17/2014
19 Creative Discipline Ideas for Kids (Podcast) 06/03/2014
18 3 A’s for an Awesome Marriage (Podcast) 05/27/2014
17 How to Discipline Your Child (Podcast) 05/20/2014
16 Words Kids Need to Hear with David Staal (Podcast) 05/13/2014
15 Moms’ Night Out Director Jon Erwin Interview (Podcast) 05/06/2014
14 Honor Your Mother This Mother’s Day (Podcast) 04/29/2014
13 How To Keep Your Marriage On Track When Life Derails You (Podcast) 04/22/2014
12 Who or What Am I Living For? (Podcast) 04/15/2014
11 Two Things Every Child Must Know (Podcast) 04/08/2014
10 When to Let Your Child Quit (Podcast) 04/01/2014
9 My Marriage Mistakes (Podcast) 03/18/2014
8 What Every Father Should Teach His Daughter (Podcast) 03/11/2014
7 What Every Father Should Teach His Son (Podcast) 03/04/2014
6 How to Chain, Tame and Train Your Tongue (Podcast) 02/25/2014
5 How to Prevent an Affair From Happening (Podcast) 02/18/2014
4 How to Love Your Child Well (Podcast) 02/11/2014
3 Uncommon Marriage Book Interview Part 2 (Podcast) 02/04/2014
2 7 Love Actions for Spouses (Podcast) 02/01/2014
1 Uncommon Marriage Book Interview with Tony Dungy (Podcast) 01/30/2014