Emoji: Connecting with your Children


In a recent blog post, I shared 10 Ways to Turn Technology from Foe to Friend. Three of our five children are now working and in college.  So, like many of you, we use technology to stay connected.  Yes, technology can be an enemy of relationships, but it can also be used as a relational ally.

Susan and I FaceTime and text just about every day with our girls in college.  We like to have fun doing it.  Susan stays up on new technology we can use as a family and recently introduced me to a fun App that we use with our kids.  It’s called Emoji, and it’s free. You simply download it and it automatically becomes part of your texting.  You can choose from all kinds of cool symbols and really connect with your kids with a smile.  See how I use it with my kids in the pictures on this page.









Emoji is a great way to stay connected to your kids. So why not try it with your parents.  Here’s how one son reaches out and connects with his mom for Mother’s Day. So have fun with the fam!  Enjoy Emoji. And if you have any good Apps for me to check out that will help Susan and I stay connected with our kids, let me know in your comments.

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