What Comparison Does to You

comparing to others

Susan has noticed that more and more couples have what she’s called an “InstaMarriage” on social media. You know the type I mean: all the pictures and posts are carefully crafted to show nothing but marital and family bliss. We all know life is harder and more complicated, and yet it’s so tempting to be envious of that “fakebook” world that others create. It’s not real. It’s not safe. It’s not a standard to live up to. Instead, these posts create comparisons of self, job, marriage, and status that are sometimes crushing. We must learn to confront what comparing to others does to us and fight it.

How to Reduce the Stress Level in Your Life

stress level

I confess. Sometimes I run the car until the gas gauge is past empty; I arrive at the airport just a few minutes before the flight departs; or, I rush from meeting to meeting with no time in between. What does that cause? Stress…and it’s self-imposed! But in recent years, I’m addressing it by building more margin into my life and my families’ life.

Here are some ways you can build margin in your family life too and as a result, reduce stress.