10 Ways to Know You Are a Successful Father

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“Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” -Ruth E. Renkel

There is not one single path to successful parenting. All fathers are not created equal in method nor in standards. What sets a successful father apart from the pack is a passion for his duty and the ability to love unconditionally. Possession of those two traits is the common denominator in all successful parents. The following list can be considered the ‘greatest hits’ of an awesome dad.

An Easy Way to Help Your Child Have a Great School Year

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With five children of my own, I’ve seen the back to school jitters many times. When my children worried over their first-day outfit, their new teacher, and if their friends would be in their class, I’ve strived to be a good father and continually prayed that things would go well for them. And as the President of Family First, I have learned that there is one simple thing that can make a huge difference to not only a child’s academic life but in shaping their entire future—father involvement.

10 Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

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All Pro Dad Director of Content, BJ Foster wrote a wonderful article about Daddy-Daughter dates. If you have a daughter, be sure to check out his ideas and try them with your daughter this week. 

Your daughter is excited. She has a date with her first love. Mom helps her get ready, and she looks beautiful. There’s no insecurity because she knows her date loves her unconditionally. She has known him her whole life. He is faithful, trustworthy, and fun. There’s a knock on the door, and she takes one last look in the mirror before answering. She opens the door, sees her date, and smiles, “Hi, Daddy.” It may dawn on you: The only guy I know that I can trust with this jewel is me. Hopefully, there will be a guy you feel just as confident about at some point. But you can worry about that later because tonight it’s all about the two of you.