All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Eight: Know Your Master

  The men in our office wrapped up the All Pro Dad men’s study this week.  The eight weeks went by quickly and we had a great time going through the study together.  Learning truths about fatherhood and living out those truths in our daily lives really affirmed to us the importance of our mission […]

All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Seven: Know Your Message

  We recently crafted a new vision statement here at Family First.  A vision statement paints a picture of the future that produces a passion in people.  It’s where we want to go. Ultimately, we wanted to make sure that this is clearly communicated with the world.  This was a time-consuming project, but it was […]

All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Six: Know You’re a Model

  Know you’re a model.  In week 6 of the All Pro Dad men’s study we’re not talking about physical good looks.  Rather, we’re talking about outwardly modeling a life that is worthy for our children (and wives) to follow.  It is easy for us to see others as role models, from professional athletes to […]