All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Four: Know Your Motive


In week 4 of the All Pro Dad’s men’s study, we tackle an idea that has almost become the mantra of our culture today.  It is advice that is given to people looking for answers or trying to make decisions.  You’ve probably had someone suggest that you “follow your heart” in making your decisions or in seeking to find happiness. At times this sounds like encouraging advice, but our goal in week 4 is to examine our hearts and know our motive so that we can lead our hearts instead.

I asked George, our Family First Marketing Director and father of four, if he could remember a time in his life where he stopped and asked himself the question, “Am I living my life to give or to get?”  Here’s a story that he shared:

A few years ago, I was working my dream job—I was in the sales and marketing department of an NFL team.  I had always wanted to work in football because my dad passed his love of the game on to me.  He even refereed high school games, bringing me along with him on Friday nights.  So many of my fondest memories of our times together were around football.  Now I was working in football, and I was excited to be able to make memories with my kids, just as my dad had done with me.

However, I was working all the time.  Between games on Sundays, entertaining sponsors, and meetings, I was working 20 weekends a year and was rarely at home.  Our team ended up making it to the Super Bowl, and the team owners allowed the staff to sit with their families for the first time the whole season.  We were having a great time at the game when an offsides penalty was called on our team.  My son who was 8 years old at the time looked up at me and asked, “Dad, what’s offsides?”  It was a sobering moment as I realized that I wasn’t making memories with my family like my dad had done with me.  I had been so consumed in living my dream—living my life to get rather than to give—that I hadn’t been leading my family.

I began to ask God to lead me to a new profession, one that would allow me to spend more time with my family.  It wasn’t long after I began praying that He led me to my current position with Family First. I have been working on leaving a legacy of giving to my family ever since.

George’s story above is a great example of a person examining their heart to truly understand their motive.  Jeremiah 17:9 states, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.”  If we’re honest with ourselves, if we’re following our hearts, we’re more likely to end up chasing after things that benefit us rather than others.  An All Pro Dad leads his heart instead of following it, choosing to live to give rather than to get.

What did you think about week 4?  Did George’s story strike a chord in your life?  Leave your comments and thoughts below.  We’re halfway through the men’s study now, but you can still join us and get your own copy via or And in case you missed them, here are the other weekly recaps.

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