5 Ways to Maximize Family Time


Families are spending less and less time together. As a result, many children are getting less personal love and attention than their parents did. American Demographics reports that parents today spend roughly 40 percent less time with their children than did parents a generation ago.

The following family time tips will help you stay better connected with your family.

Eat Together as a Family

Most children today don’t know the meaning of a family dinnertime. Sitting around a table together over a meal promotes conversation and communication that make for healthy bodies and healthy families. Sharing meals together lets you talk about each other’s lives, listen to stories, and give advice and encouragement.

Do Chores Together

Part of what goes on in the home is the development of teamwork. Functional family life depends on the contribution of everyone. Assigning chores is the most productive way of teaching responsibility and accountability to your children.

Help with Schoolwork

Want to light a fire of learning while spending time with your kids?  Help with their schoolwork. Your eager interest in the subject will encourage the same for your child.  Take trips to the library for school projects as an inexpensive and enjoyable family time. Remember that your child is ultimately responsible for the final product.  You’re there to help them get organized and to encourage them when they get stuck—not to do their work for them.

Play Games

New technology has made video games more prevalent. As a result, many children are spending long hours in front of the TV playing computer programs. Parents should find creative ways to spark an interest in family-oriented contests such as board games or card games. This will give parents additional time to talk and nurture their relationship.

Worship Together

You’ve heard the old adage, “The family that prays together stays together.”  Research says there’s proof to that.  Nothing is more special than taking a few minutes each day to pray with a child before bedtime. By explaining the purpose behind prayer, children will learn the importance of faith as the foundation for the family. Regular worship and participation in a place of worship are building blocks in that foundation. Make worship a top priority for your family.

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