5 Ways to Help Your Marriage Feel Less Stressed


Stress is at the root of many health issues in America including heart disease, depression, and hypertension to name a few.  Physical health isn’t the only casualty of a stressful lifestyle.  In marriages, stress is a leading cause of interpersonal tension and dysfunctional relationships.

A lot of the stress in marriage is avoidable when both parties are aware of stressful triggers.  Here are 5 ways to reduce the amount of stress in marriage:

1. Always put your spouse first.

This is a huge principle. A husband and wife should do what’s best for the other no matter what it costs them personally.

2. Build “together time” into your schedule.

Time with your spouse shouldn’t be relegated to the status of leftovers.  Your relationship with your spouse trumps all other priorities and people.  Schedule walks, picnics, games, trips…and while you’re at it—have fun.

3. Communicate clearly and respectfully.

Misunderstandings are the source of a lot of tension.  Always keep your spouse in the loop.  Always communicate with love and good manners.  Don’t keep secrets. And always speak the truth in love.

4. Hold hands, hug, and kiss.

Physical contact is a proven stress reliever.  Squeeze into the same chair to watch TV. Reach out and take your spouse’s hand while walking, driving, or at an event. Be deliberate about demonstrating affection with physical contact.

5. Live within your means.

Money problems are the leading cause of stress in American marriages.  Live within your means and do whatever you need to do to get rid of debt.

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