5 Things Your Child Needs You to Be


Being a parent is the best job in the world.  We get to train, inspire, and watch our children grow. Yet, at the same time, parenting can be somewhat complicated given the many hats that we must wear. Here are 5 different roles our children need us to play.

1. Protector.

Sure, we need to always protect our kids from physical harm. But we need to guard their hearts as well—guard their hearts from unhealthy relationships, from the negative influence of friends, and from inappropriate media.

2. Disciplinarian.

As much as kids complain about having rules to follow, they would be lost without them.  It’s important to create boundaries for your kids. Having no rules and consequences would leave all decision-making up to them—something they are neither wanting nor equipped to do.  Instead, parents should be the ones setting up boundaries and then following through with discipline when those lines are crossed.

3. Advisor.

There will be situations where your children are not sure what to do, especially as they get older.  And with so many different voices telling them what to do, your voice needs to be loudest of all. As I advise my children, I remind them that I will always speak the truth to them and will always have their best interests at heart. Because of that, they know that they can count on what I tell them.

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4. Confidant.

We all need someone to confide in—someone to share our thoughts and feelings with.  Don’t make your child go searching for that in friends or romantic relationships. Be that safe, trustworthy, confidant for your child. For your child to see you as their confidant, they’ll need to see you as someone who will identify, empathize, and listen to them, not someone who seems distant, unsympathetic, and who lectures often.

5. Encourager.

Be your children’s number one encourager. Encourage them with genuine compliments about their character and inner beauty. Uplift them with short notes and letters.

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 What are some other roles parents should take on for their kids?  Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.  

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