4 Tips to Become a Better Spouse

better spouse

Is your happiness at home reflected in your work? According to Mike Mularkey, the former head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, “…the happier you are with your [spouse], the happier you are on the field.”

So, here are some tips for becoming a better spouse:

1. Do a random act of kindness daily.

Brighten your spouse’s day with little moments of joy. Do the dishes for your spouse. Give your spouse your undivided attention when they get home. A little gesture goes a long way…

2. Know your spouse.

Ask them about their favorite music. Find out where they would like to go on their dream vacation. Recapture that first date magic by asking questions – just because you want to know them better!

3. Be creative.

Think of unique ways to let your spouse know you love them – and that you still notice them. In the process, you may find that you are falling in love with them all over again.

  • Slip a card or love note into your wife’s purse or your husband’s wallet.
  • Celebrate the little things such as the anniversary of your first date or first kiss.
  • Text an “I love you”, “You are so beautiful,” “You are the most handsome man in the world,” or “I can’t wait until you get home!”
  • Plan a surprise (and unique) date night such as mini-golf, roller-skating, or cyber-bowling. Be kids again!

4. Think positive.

Do you speak sarcastically to your spouse? Do you fight more often than before? Focus on laughing more than fighting. Speak words of encouragement instead of words of sarcasm. Your relationship is a safe haven in a cold, harsh world – treasure it!

Do you believe that your happiness at home affects your success in the workplace? Please share your thoughts with me.

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