4 Simple Steps to Conflict Resolution in Marriage

conflict resolution

Susan and I do not have a conflict-free marriage. In fact, as I watched this role play, in the conflict resolution video below, I was convicted because this exact scene just played out for real two weeks ago. This is a repetitive script that continues to create conflict in our marriage.

Which is the point. So much of conflict in marriage is the same old thing. The same actions lead to the same argument, harsh words, and hurt feelings. The whole cycle becomes a habit.

The everyday misunderstandings that get the wheel turning can be stopped, it just takes a few simple steps and the dedication to put them into practice. Watch the video below to learn 4 simple steps to conflict resolution in your marriage.

These 4 simple steps were taken from List 27 of our books Lists to Love by for Busy Wives and Lists to Love by for Busy Husbands.

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