4 Reasons Why You Should Dance with Your Daughter

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When we go to weddings, one of my favorite parts of the celebration is when the dad dances with his daughter, the bride.  I can’t wait to share this moment with each of my three daughters at their weddings.

I really like to dance with my girls and, throughout the years, have danced with them at home, at daddy-daughter dances and other events.

So, if you’re a dad who has a daughter, don’t wait until her wedding day to dance with her. In fact, dance with her as often as you can. Here are 4 reasons why you should dance with your daughter.

1.    Sets the Standard

Long before the wedding day, dads have an opportunity to set the standard for the kind of guy his daughter should look for to spend the rest of her life with. Dads should show their daughters what they should expect from the boys they date and the man they eventually marry. She should expect a gentleman who honors her body constantly, holds her hand securely, protects her passionately, laughs with her joyfully, values her immeasurably and loves her deeply. She should see all of those things when you, dad, dance with her.

2.    Builds Memories

One of the things I talk about in my book, All Pro Dad, is the importance of creating memorable monuments with your children.  Memorable monuments are things you do with your children that create lasting and loving memories. Dancing with your daughter can be a wonderful memorable monument—moments that can leave you both laughing on the floor at the end of one song and crying in each other’s arms at the end of the next one.  They’ll certainly be memories you’ll both cherish.

3.    Says She’s Beautiful

Twirl your daughter around, but also make sure to pull her in close and tell her that she is beautiful and special.  Like your wife, your daughter needs to hear that she is beautiful and captivating.  Also, your little girl needs to know that her beauty is not just outward, but that she also has a beautiful heart and incredible talents.  Dancing with your daughter can provide you with a perfect opportunity to affirm her beauty.

4.    Validates Your Love

As you affectionately embrace your daughter, you’ll be saying to her, “I love you more than you’ll ever know”…even if you don’t even say anything.

So seek and find moments to dance with your daughter now because, in the blink of an eye, she’ll be dancing with her husband.

Do you dance with your daughter? How do you find ways to do so? And, if you both have a favorite song to dance to, please share it.


Here are some more ways to enjoy the time you have with your kids:

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  • FlowerChildBoomer

    My Sister and I were robbed of this through divorce. The effects are lasting.

  • http://www.MarkMerrill.com/ Mark Merrill

    Flower, I’m so, so sorry to hear that. I hope God will be your Father who holds you tight.

  • T

    Im sorry, but I think that a father dancing with his daughter is just creepy. My dad was a wonderful man, and he showed me that he loved me, not by dancing with me, but by spending time me in a variety of activities. Some of these, such as gardening, he had done as a farmer in his youth, so I learned how to plant seeds and nurture them to harvest, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Other times, he was there to teach me handyman skills, such as when he showed me how to hammer nails into boards when I built my first tree house. He held my bicycle steady when I was first learning to ride a bicycle. He never told me that I couldn’t do something just because I was a girl; my dad just believed in me and my abilities, which weren’t limited by my gender. He indulged my interests in other things such as traveling, hiking, exploring history, and above all, showing me the meaning of having a work ethic. He worked a lot, but he would always tell my mom he loved her, and gave her a kiss, then hug me and give me a kiss on the cheek when he got home from work. He showed me that a man isn’t someone who is there to save or protect a woman, but that a man is someone who was the other half of a team; a loving, devoted married couple. My dad spent time with me, teaching me, talking to me, not during a once-in-a-while dance; instead, he showed me I was a capable human being all on my own, instead of a being a helpless female who needed to be saved or helped by a man. I was my father’s only daughter; he had three sons as well, but my father never treated me as less capable just because I was a girl.

  • Coffeegirl

    We danced with my dad by standing on his feet while he did the movements. We were just kids and that was a treat for us and one of our best memories now that he has passed on. We’d almost fight for a turn to dance with Daddy. Anyone who thinks dancing with dad is creepy, has some other problems. Daddy did all those other things with us and for us, as well, but I can remember dancing with him more than anything (and he was not a dancer at all). We miss him sooooo much.

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