#135: Trust: The Key to Unlock Intimacy in Marriage

intimacy in marriage

If someone were to ask you the question: What is the key to intimacy in marriage? What answers do you think you’ll receive? I can imagine a lot of words that might be racing through your mind. Sexual compatibility. Time. Romance. Open Communication. Compromise. Forgiveness. Kindness. All of those are good answers, but on today’s show, Susan and I would like to suggest that there’s a strong case to be made that TRUST is an important key that unlocks the door to emotional and physical intimacy in marriage. Trust is an essential ingredient in the two of you becoming one flesh. In List 5 of our new books, Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands and Lists to Love By for Busy Wives, we mention “If trust is the door to intimacy, then there are three keys to opening that door.”

In order to trust your spouse, you must have complete confidence in the following from this day forward.

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Consider these keys to unlock the door to intimacy:

1. You are who you say you are.

2. You will always speak the truth.

3. You will always do what you say you’ll do.


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