13 Things I Hope for YOU in 2013


Another year is upon us—2013!  As we jump into another New Year, I’m guessing that you’ve already put the pedal to the medal and are driving into January very quickly. I’m running close to full throttle, too. But before the days start speeding by, I want to briefly share with you a few things that I hope for my family, and hope for you, in 2013. I hope that:

1. Your marriage blossoms. I so want you and your spouse to move beyond mere survival and have a budding and flourishing marriage that others see great beauty in. May you grow tremendously towards a relationship of selflessness, peace, harmony, unity, and overflowing joy.

2. Your heart beats strong for your children. It is my desire that you have a “heart relationship” with each of your kids…a relationship that withstands temporary hurts and always seeks to heal quickly; a relationship where you pump life-giving love into them day by day.

3. You will embrace the “rare jewel” of contentment. That you will find what is meaningful and lasting and be satisfied in all of your circumstances knowing that God is in control.

4. You will be a risk-taker in all of your relationships. That means you will have the courage to always speak the truth saturated with love; that you will pour your whole heart, soul, and mind into the relationships you cherish the most even though you risk being disappointed or getting hurt.

5. You will be quick to listen. And you will be slow to speak. When you do speak, your words will encourage, heal, compliment, and uplift others.

6. You will passionately pursue mending torn relationships. Relationships with others, especially family members, are all-important. When they unravel, I hope you will, with great humility, do everything you can to repair and reconcile those relationships.

7.  You will set aside time to reflect upon and rejoice in your blessings. Do you have a faithful wife? Husband? Or, children you love and who love you, even through difficulty? Do you have a home to sleep in? Do you have enough food to eat? Do you have clothes to wear? Then you are blessed!

8. You will honor your temple. That you will see your body is a magnificent temple built by God and for God. As such, you will eat well, be physically active, and keep your body pure. And, that you will be granted good health.

9. You will overcome evil with good. You were created for good works. It is my hope that you will have the courage and fortitude to do what is good, just, noble, right, pure, and praiseworthy wherever you are and whomever you are with.

10. You work at everything with all of your heart. Whether at the office, at home, or wherever you are and whatever you do, do it with all your might and do it with excellence.

11. You will seek to serve. Serving and giving your time, talent, and treasure to others is your great and eternal duty. And the rewards are eternal.

12. You will live with great purpose. Would you write down three major, meaningful goals that you’d like to accomplish this year relating to your relationships with your spouse, kids, grandkids, parents, and grandparents? I sure hope you will.

13. You will seek the applause of One and give applause to One. As you live your life in 2013, I hope you will not rely on accolades, awards, and applause from your family, friends, or others, but that you will only seek the applause from God knowing that you are doing it all for His honor and renown. It would also be my hope that you will give a standing ovation to the One who has given you everything you have, including your very life.

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