12 Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves Every Day


1. How much time did I spend one-on-one with my child today?
2. Was I really engaged or distracted with calls, texts, and emails when I was with my child?
3. Did I hug my child and say “I love you”?
4. Did I compliment or criticize my child?
5. Was I calm and firm or mean and harsh when I disciplined my child?
6. Did I have a meal together with my child?
7. Did I help my child with their schoolwork?
8. Did I pray with and for my child?
9. Did I tuck my child into bed?
10. Did I read to my child?
11. Did I listen more or lecture more?
12. Did I monitor my child’s television and computer time?

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  • LindaAIsaacsJr

    Yes!  It’s good to write these things down and to focus on them every day.  What saddens me, however, is that it’s all common sense type of stuff…….the kind of things that should come naturally to a parent and from the heart;  they’re not the kind of things that should have to be taught yet it seems in today’s world, they really DO need to be taught.  It’s a good list, for sure!

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  • Linda, it would be nice if everyone just knew these things!  Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Lewis Barton

    Fantastic reminder of super important activities. I am new to your website and love it. THANK YOU!

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  • Gert003

    I’ve added….Did I teach them about Jesus and engage them in the Bible?

  • Teachertam

    They are good reminders and I was blessed to have most done to me therefore it is easier for me to pay it forward, yet there are tons of parents that don’t know how to love, show affection, pay attention as they.themselves never received it. We must pray that by example and showing grace others will learn.

  • katie

    I just started doing mommy meetings.  I meet with each kid separately for about 15 in the morning (while the other kids are doing their chores).  They really enjoy the 1 on 1 time, which with 6 kids is hard to get most days.  It is a perfect time to cover most of the questions above.

  • Lisamarie24209

    The same kind of focus on your spouse is also impotent and very valued and encouraging to your children as well.  Marital bliss provides so much stability and love for our kids, so if you behave this way to your kids, treat you wife/ husband the same way.  Most of the questions can apply, just change the one about discipline to handling communication and conflict with respect and patience rather then anger and frustration.

  • Moorelasonya


    It is my opinion that most parents do the best they can with what they have and what they know.

    Unfortunately, we’re all a product of our environment. Informed parents and uninformed, all can still be good parents. As a society we should communicate to ensure the health and wealth of all children.

    Thank you for your post and more importantly, thank you Mark for your wisdom.

    Have a blessed day

  • NanaDiana

    Sure we KNOW what is needed by our children, but with so many distractions, do we really make it a priority every day? I think most of us mere humans will admit that we need these reminders and God’s help everyday. It is only by His grace that I can do it. Prayers for all.