12 Easy Things a Husband Should Do for His Wife This Weekend for Mother’s Day


  1. Have the kids help make breakfast in bed for her.
  2. Take mom on a surprise trip to the beach, park, mall, or restaurant and plan the necessary details in advance.
  3. Lead the kids in doing all of the chores—laundry, dishes, vacuuming, garbage, lawn.
  4. Write a poem for her.
  5. Play your wedding song and dance with her.
  6. Write “things we love about Mom” on little pieces of paper and hide them in various places around the house so that she’ll find them for months to come.
  7. Get up to take care of the kids in the morning while she sleeps in.
  8. Give her a massage.
  9. Run a hot bath for her, complete with candles and relaxing music.
  10. Have the kids help you plan a scavenger hunt for mom.
  11. Plan a date night, including arranging a babysitter on your own.
  12. Encourage her as a mom by buying her The Passionate MOM Book. There’s a sweet deal going on now if you buy the book on or before May 11th!

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  • Thank you for this! I am going to do as many as I can over the next few days!

  • You are welcome, Jackie.

  • Bob Gilbert – Vero Beach

    Hey Mark- Great meeting you today! At the All Pro Dads Event! Thanks for taken the time to sign book and chat! Will try to take your advice on a few of these as well! THANKS!

  • elizabeth

    Mark.. inspire the Moms who have a bad husband?

  • Elizabeth, I’ll see what I can do.

  • Bob, my pleasure. Good to meet you too. Thanks for joining us!

  • CindyNindy

    I ‘suggested’ my husband could get the Passionate Mom for my birthday the end of April. He listened and drove around town until he found it!!

  • Cindy, Please tell him I said he is a 10 Star Passionate Husband! So sorry he had a hard time finding it!