#119: Prickly Spouse? Prepare for the Porcupine Part 2 (Podcast)


During last week’s podcast, we started discussing the trigger points of conflict that Susan and I have and how we try to disarm them. We will continue with a few more this week. Trigger points are those things that if not dealt with, they can cause conflict in marriage; but if you handle them the right way, it’s a great way to avoid conflict.

Again, we’ll take you through ways that we have been able to stop conflict before it starts, by understanding where the conflict is triggered from. This is all about awareness. What is the source of most of your arguments? Your marriage is worth the work. Your spouse is worth the work, and so are you.

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Discussion Recap

Trigger Points of Conflict (continued):

  1. (#6) Feeling disrespected.
  2. (#7) Being sick or tired.
  3. (#8) Being lied to.
  4. (#9) Disciplining kids.
  5. (#10) Relational insecurity.

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