#109: How to Overcome Loneliness in Marriage (Podcast)

loneliness in marriage

Today’s topic is one that affects really every marriage if you’ve been married for any length of time.  It’s about loneliness.

As humans, we are not meant to be isolated. We all crave deep and lasting connections with other people. But we know it’s possible to feel alone in the middle of a crowd, and it’s possible to sleep in the same bed with someone for years and still feel lonely. Many of us never expect to be lonely in marriage, hoping that our spouse will be the lifelong companion who saves us from loneliness.

Loneliness is not just about physical proximity, it’s about emotional connection. If you’re feeling lonely in your marriage, we want to share with you some ways on how to reconnect with your spouse. On today’s show, we want to go through some ways to overcome loneliness in marriage.

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Discussion Recap

Ways to overcome loneliness

  1. Make the first move.
  2. Forgive past hurts.
  3. Spend time together.
  4. Prioritize physical closeness.
  5. Find support.

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