10 Creative and Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas for Spouses

Make this Valentine’s Day count by creating a fun, new memory with your spouse. Whether it’s a romantic night on the town or a simple evening at home, here are some creative Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your spouse to try:

1. Take a canoe out on a lake.

Take an adventure outdoors together and get away from the rest of the world on a romantic canoe ride.

2. Create a scavenger hunt around town or around the house.

Design a simple, homemade scavenger hunt for your spouse. Maybe it’s outdoors or maybe it’s at the mall.

3. Recreate your first date.

Whether you go back to the same town you first met in or not, make every effort to replicate details from the very first date you and your spouse went on together. Wear a similar outfit, eat the same kind of food, and then reminisce on your years as a couple.

4. Cook a gourmet meal together.

Get with your spouse and choose a recipe, then go to the store, cook it side by side, and eat it by candlelight.

5. Go ice skating.

Be silly with your spouse and get out of your comfort zone by finding a local ice rink to skate in together. You could even consider ending the night with your toes in front of the fire.

6. Have a picnic and watch the sunset.

If it’s a beautiful night out, consider packing some snacks into a picnic basket, grabbing a blanket, and heading to a nearby park to eat and watch the sunset together.

7. Rent a limo.

Surprise your spouse and really go all out this year by renting a limo to drive the two of you to her favorite restaurant!

8. Take a road trip.

Don’t let the celebration end after just one day. Make a weekend out of it by taking a road trip to the mountains, to the lake, or even to the beach. Pick some good music for the car ride and hit the road.

9. Stargaze.

Research how to recognize different constellations before taking your wife for a walk or to the park that night to gaze at the stars together.

10. Hike.

Take a journey to a nearby state or national park and enjoy the day hiking together.

Here are some more Valentine’s Day ideas for the whole family.

What are some other creative valentine’s dates you and your spouse have shared? It would be great to hear your memories in a comment below.

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