#007: What Every Father Should Teach His Son (Podcast)

things every father should teach his son

As our kids begin to grow, it’s important that we teach them many different life lessons—especially our sons. In this week’s episode, I cover 8 things every father should teach his son. Why? Because what you teach your son could have an impact for generations to come.

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Here are the 8 things I sought to teach my sons:

  1. Be a gentleman.
  2. Honor your father and mother.
  3. Respect women.
  4. Be a man of integrity.
  5. Take responsibility.
  6. Work hard.
  7. Share, save, and spend wisely.
  8. Love God and love others.

 Listener Questions

  1. Manuel from Facebook asks, “Do you think how people get into a relationship has an effect on the longevity of it?”
  2.  Ryan asks, “What if we want to teach our sons a sport or instrument but they just aren’t into it?”

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