#004: How to Love Your Child Well (Podcast)

love for your child

There is one question that impacts your child’s identity: “Do my parents love me?” Maybe you had parents who loved and supported you or perhaps you had completely absent ones. Regardless of your past, it’s important that your child feels loved by you.

So how do you know if your child feels loved? Go ahead and ask them! If your love for your child is not clearly evident and you discover that you have room to grow in the ways you show love to your child, then listen in for 4 love actions to show your child.

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4 Love Actions

  1. Words – Don’t ever assume your children know that you love them. Be sure to say it and say it often.
  2. Time –  Spending time not money is one of the best ways we can show our kids that we love them.
  3. Availability – Be available to your kids, ready and willing to hang out together when they ask.
  4. Notes – Your children may not be overly excited about a handwritten note but know that your notes will impact their lives and always be remembered.

Listener Questions

  • Michael from Twitter asks – “What are a few things that you have learned that you must do to be the very best husband and Dad that God called you to be?”
  • Kevin from Facebook asks – “What advice do you have for a single dad raising a daughter?”

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